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Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. But it's Congress — not the president — that controls the country's purse strings and must appropriate money he wants to spend.

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Can Trump ‘emergency’ turn border wall into military construction project?

Enter the emergency declaration, an option the White House counsel's office is currently reviewing. Among the laws Trump could turn to is Section of the Title 10 U. Code pertaining to military construction. According to the statute, if the president declares an emergency "that requires use of the armed forces," the Defense Secretary "may undertake military construction projects, and may authorize the Secretaries of the military departments to undertake military construction projects, not otherwise authorized by law that are necessary to support such use of the armed forces.

Pentagon budget officials are currently analyzing the construction budget to determine how many unobligated dollars would be available to use for the wall in the event Trump settles on a declaration.

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Under the provision, only those construction budget funds that are not already obligated to other construction projects could be used for the wall. There are more than such provisions giving the president access to special powers in emergencies. And Congress has typically afforded the president broad authority to determine what constitutes an emergency and what does not, said Elizabeth Goitein, co-director of the liberty and national security program at the Brennan Center for Justice. Most of the efforts in GraphQL tooling have focused on the intermediate-to-advanced cases, meaning we have a big opportunity to help newcomers to the ecosystem.

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Specifically, can we build tooling that allows a new user to easily discover the connection between the data they want to get and the query they need to write? We want her to first reach her goal, and along the way, become comfortable with GraphQL. We display the schema in a tree, almost like a file explorer, where she can check the fields she wants:.

Now each possibility is presented neatly for Betty to choose. And as she selects each field, we build the corresponding GraphQL query for her:. More immediate wins for Betty means she can accomplish her goal faster, and see the concrete wins for GraphQL. We can take it even further! When you or your company are embedding the explorer in your GraphiQL instance for your users, another challenge they'll face are cases where a query is syntactically valid, but semantically invalid.

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It's obvious that the user is trying to get a list of repositories and their names, but they'll get an error back:. This is because while all of the arguments for repositories are optional, the user must provide some arguments [2]. This breaks the flow of a user building up a query, and really confuses new users.